Get the most out of Multiply as soon as you join

Your Healthy Heart Score, along with your activity level, Multiply status and the contribution you pay, determines how much you can earn in HealthReturns. It could be as much as R3 000 per family per month! The Multiply ActivityBooster makes reaching your R3 000 even easier.

New Multiply members on qualifying medical schemes qualify for the ActivityBooster. This allows you to earn more HealthReturns while you get used to the programme and improve your Multiply status. It’s available to Multiply members under 30, for their first two years on Multiply Premier.


Bongani is on Bronze status with an Amber Healthy Heart Score. He earns 26 Active Dayz and is on Momentum Medical Scheme’s Custom option and will get x2 HealthReturns as per the grid.

Normal HealthReturns = 2 x R23 = R46 p/m

Multiply ActivityBooster HealthReturns = 2 × (7 × R10) = R140 p/m

Total HealthReturns payable = R 186 p/m


Principal members and adult dependants on Momentum Health (excluding the Ingwe Option) and qualifying medical schemes that are under 30 and are on Multiply Premier, qualify for the first 2 years of their Multiply membership

If you qualify for the benefit during the calendar year, the benefit will only fall away at the start of the next calendar year, unless you terminate your medical scheme or Multiply membership.

Yes, we will reassess whether you still qualify for the benefit. However, your period on Multiply will be assessed based on your original join date and if you subsequently turned 30, the benefit will fall away.

No, the maximum HealthReturns you can earn is R280 per month for every R600 medical aid contribution. The benefit aims to give you the opportunity and time to become familiar to the programme to improve your status. As such this limit will only apply once you reach Private Club and obtain the top activity level.

No, this benefit only applies to Active Dayz™.