Get Active Dayz quickly and easily with FitVault


FitVault is a fitness app that helps you earn Active Dayz™ and get rewarded. Get active and track your physical activity with your iOS or Android device anywhere, anytime. You can even track your Parkrun. Just use FitVault. If you're working out at one of our affiliated gyms, use your FitVault app to log your gym visit and earn Active Dayz™.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I get FitVault?
A. The FitVault app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Follow the steps to register and create a profile on the app.

Q. How do I use FitVault Get Active Dayz™?
A. There are a few ways you can use FitVault to earn Active Dayz™.

1. Log your Multiply affiliated gym visit on FitVault

  • Find the list of Multiply affiliated gyms on the FitVault app.
  • Carry your phone to gym. 
  • Click “LOG A VISIT” on the FitVault app and scan the QR code on the FitVault poster in your gym. 
  • You will need to be in the gym for at least 30 minutes to earn your active day. 

2. Get 10 000 steps

  • Currently available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Link FitVault to your HealthKit account.
  • Sync FitVault to track the number of steps you take per day with your fitness device. 
  • Get to 10 000 and you’ve got your active day.

3. Burn 300 calories

  • Currently available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Link FitVault to your HealthKit account.
  • Burn 300 calories in a session and sync FitVault to get an active day.

4. Complete a Parkrun

  • Register on the Parkrun website and get your Parkrun barcode.
  • Scan your Parkrun barcode or enter your Parkrun number on FitVault.
  • Participate in a Parkrun on Saturday mornings. 
  • Once Parkrun has released your results, sync your FitVault app to get your active day.
  • You have 30 days to sync your completed Parkruns to FitVault

Q. How do I link my Apple device to FitVault?
A. Download the FitVault App and click on "Link a Fitness Device”. You will then be able to link your iOS or Android device (through the Health Kit App). Once your device is linked, you will need to sync it each day to earn your active day. 

Q. How many Active Dayz™ can I earn a day?
A. You will earn 1 active day per day, regardless of how many activities you log each day.

Q. How much does FitVault cost?
A. FitVault is absolutely free to download and register. You will only pay for data when using the app and the costs relating to the activities you choose to do to earn Active Dayz™.

Q. What do I need to use FitVault on my phone?

  • FitVault is only available on iOS and Android smart devices. 
  • Your phone must be with you, turned on and charged to log your gym visit.
  • Your location settings must also be turned on.
  • Your phone must be connected to mobile data or WiFi to log your activities.

Q. My activities are not syncing and I’m not earning Active Dayz™. What can I do?
A. Please contact FitVault if you have any questions about the app.
Call centre: +27 769 728 291
Email: [email protected]

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