Protea hotel by Marriott

What's your idea of great accommodation - a secluded country house in the mountains, or a slick establishment in the heart of an urban hub? Whatever your preference, you'll find a Protea Hotel to suit you. That's because Protea hotel by Marriott is South Africa's largest hotel group, with an extensive portfolio encompassing everything from sea-and lakeside resorts to mountain retreats and safari lodges.


Enjoy a 20% discount on Spa treatments at the Protea Hotel by Marriott Kruger Gate with Momentum Multiply.
Offer also includes 1 sundowner (glass of wine, local beer, cider or soft drink), per person, per night.
Terms & conditions apply


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Fixed Discount


Your discount will depend on your status:

Fixed Discount

How do I get it?

How to get it:

  • Be sure to make your booking at least three days before your planned arrival date.
  • To make a reservation, contact the Multiply Travel Desk on 0861 100 155, or email them at [email protected]. Operating hours: Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00.
  • Your booking must be paid for with a valid MasterCard or Visa cheque credit card.
  • Bookings are non-refundable, and no changes will be accepted.
  • You will get your Protea Hotel voucher via e-mail.
  • Please check your room rate to see if it includes breakfast, as this is not standard.
  • When you make your booking, give the number of adult guests who will be sharing the room.
  • If you have children, check whether the room and the hotel are child-friendly.


Using the benefit:

  • Your discount may only be used to book accommodation for leisure stays.
  • You must pay your booking with a valid MasterCard or Visa credit card.


  • Bookings are non-refundable, and no changes will be accepted.
  • You may book 40 days of accommodation per family member during a calendar year (January to December).
  • Your booking must be for a minimum of three consecutive week nights, or two consecutive weekend nights - one of which must be a Saturday night.
  • Discounts apply to the best room rate available at the time of your booking. Please note that rates change according to the season. Discounts do not apply to rates offered as part of a special or promotion.
  • The room rate does not include extra expenses, like extra meals, phone calls, room service, drinks, laundry service, tourism levies, parking fees and other surcharges.
  • If your Multiply membership is for a single member, you can only book a single room. If you would like another guest to stay in your room, an additional nominal rate will be charged. This rate varies between hotels.
  • If you have a family membership, you may book a double room with a maximum of two adults. The hotel can charge an additional fee if there are more adults sharing the room. You must pay this fee directly to the hotel.
  • Children under the age of 12 stay for free, if they share a room with their parents.


Standard Protea Hotels Ts & Cs apply.

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