Snappy Chef

Multiply members enjoy discounts or cashbacks of up to 20% on all Snappy Chef products listed on the Multiply online shop.


Are eligible to a flat 12% discount or cashback on all Snappy Chef products listed on the online shop






How do i get it?

Purchases can be made through by logging on to the website and going to the Snappy Chef products. Purchases will be delivered to the delivery address specified.

Benefit Rules:


  • A standard delivery fee per order will apply; Refer to the table below on how the delivery fee is applied.






Above 2kg up to 5kg


Above 5kg




  • Should a member purchase more than 1 (one) product at the same time. The weight of both products will be added to provide 1 weighing. For clarity, should the 1st product be 2kg and the 2nd product be 1kg, the combined weight for both products will be 3kg = R90.00. This rule will further apply when products are purchased from different brands.
  • The final weight of the product/s will be visible on the checkout page, prior to payment.
  • The weight of each product shall be found under the heading – Technical Specifications.
  • The weight of each product is provided to the Multiply Online Shop by the supplier. Multiply shall not be liable for incorrect weight determinations.

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery Fees are only charged on physical items.

  • All quoted prices include VAT.
  • If you select the discount instead, your payment due will reflect the discounted amount.
  • If you select cashbacks, you will pay the full amount.
  • If you are a Multiply Premier or Provider member your available savings (discount/cashbacks) in any calendar year from January to December will always depend on your Multiply status.
  • Your purchases are subject to a R30 000 annual spend limit per family, or R20 000 annual spend limit for a single member on Premier level.
  • Multiply Provider members have a purchase limit of R15 000 annual spend limit per family, or R10 000 annual spend limit for a single member.
  • Once you have reached this limit, the savings (discount/cashbacks) applied will be the same as Multiply Starter members.

Just remember that it is the full retail price and not the discounted price of your purchase that counts toward the spend limit. If you choose cashbacks instead of discounts, the full retail price you pay will count towards your spend limit. No spend limit applies to members on Multiply Starter.


If you select cashbacks, your cashbacks will be transferred into your Multiply Money savings wallet within 24 hours.

View the cashbacks that have been paid into your Multiply Money savings wallet on
If you have a Multiply online shop query please call us on 0861 88 66 00 or email your query to
[email protected]

The standard Snappy Chef terms and conditions, warranties and return policies apply: