What is Active Dayz™?

Be physically active through Active Dayz™.

Active Dayz is our way of rewarding you for being physically active. There are five ways to earn Active Dayz, and you can choose to do all or any of these activities to earn your Active Dayz.

How to earn Active Dayz™

No matter how you move, you’ll still score.

Walk 10 000 steps in one day
Use one of our approved apps or devices to count the number of steps you take per day. If you reach 10 000, you get an active day.

Burn 300 active calories in one workout session
Run, cycle, swim, chase the kids around, dance or skip – if you burn 300 active calories in a workout session, you get an active day.

Go to the gym
Go to any Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, Curves, Zone Fitness or Multiply-affiliated gym to exercise. Swipe your card, and you get an active day.

Participate in an event
From triathlons to marathons, duathlons and more – any qualifying event, registered online through Entrytime, will give you an active day. You can also complete a run in the park and enter your barcode on the FitVault app to get your active day.

Play a round of golf
As a registered golfer with Handicaps Network Africa, you can tee off and get your active day by entering your handicap number on the FitVault app. Now that’s above par.

Visit the Multiply online shop Multiply online shop and buy your fitness device at a discounted price to start earning your Active Dayz™.