Partner rewards

Multiply gives you more money for doing the things that matter to you – things you already do every day. Choosing wellness means great discounts with our various partners in a number of categories, from education to entertainment, travel, electronics and everything in between. This will be based on your level or status. You can also get a percentage of the amount you spend in the form of cashbacks when you shop at our cashback partners.

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Our Partners

Multiply rewards you for every move you make to improve your life. Choosing wellness means discounts with our various partners in a number of different categories, from education to entertainment, travel and electronics… and everything in between. Your discount is based on your level or status – here is what you could get with our partners based on each plan.






Which brands are Multiply partners?

Multiply has various partners including Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay, Clicks, Mango, Virgin Active and many more where you can be rewarded with cashbacks or discounts when you shop as a Multiply member. The more points you earn, the better your status, and the more rewards you get.

How can I get my Multiply discount when shopping?

The procedure for getting your Multiply discount or cashbacks varies from partner to partner. For some partners, you must link your Multiply profile to the partner, enter your Multiply membership number when checking out on a partner’s online shop or swipe your Multiply card when making payments. Please click on the partner where you would like to shop to see what you have to do to get your discount or cashbacks.

How can I find out my exact discount before shopping at a partner?

  1. Log in to your Multiply profile.
  2. Go to ‘My Partner Rewards’.
  3. Click on the specific partner where you would like to shop and you will see your discount amount or cashbacks percentage.

Where do my cashbacks go when I have shopped from a partner?

Your cashbacks are paid into your Multiply Money account where you can choose to save them or use them. If you choose to save them, remember to move the money in your savings wallet. If you keep the money in your savings wallet, you will earn interest; growing your money without even trying.

Can I choose between cashbacks or discount at all partners?

No. Not all partners have the option for you to earn cashbacks. Please visit the specific partner page of the partner you would like to shop at to see if you can earn cashbacks or discounts there.